#SmallBizSunday Spotlight: Make Money, Make Cents!

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Ms. Faye Bishop,

Author of Make Money, Make Cents!

1. Tell me about your business.


I actually have numerous businesses but my biggest cash cow is JMH Realty Concepts. My company manages various properties both residential and commercial real estate clients. We are a small business operation have a full time staff of (8) eight employees and agents, with (4) four located in the Art Museum Office in Philadelphia. We are currently in the process of opening a New York office.

2.  What was the inspiration for your business?

The economy. After the fall began with big corporations back in 2002 it was time to reevaluate and take on some new hustles. You can never have enough.

3.  How did you get it started?

The company was started by my husband and, myself, in 2002.

4.  Did you quit your job to start your business?

No. Prior to starting our own firm I worked as a licensed agent under Prudential Fox Roach and worked in the music industry for about 10 years prior.

5.  If yes, how did you manage financially? If no, how do you manage both?

 To tell you the truth financial management was easy. At the time our debt was very limited. We have a decent portfolio that was operating well and we lived within our means. 

6.  What are your top 3 business necessities?

You must have a business plan, and you must write it out. Writing out your business plan forces you to review everything at once: your value proposition, marketing assumptions, operations plan, financial plan and staffing plan. You’ll end up spotting connections you otherwise would have missed. It doesn’t matter if you have an online business or offline field business, a written plan is necessary. The second most important necessity is education. This is required for everybody. If you really want that your business to be really successful and prosperous, you should educate yourself in all the possible areas that focuses on your specific industry. Lastly, you need a good support system. It is one of the most vital components of having a successful business. It is good to surround yourself with people who know a lot about your chosen industry that you can take assistance and mentorship from. If not you will have to learn the hard way and do everything on your own.

7.  Is this your passion?

Absolutely. I love what I do. The only thing that makes me happier is being a wife and mother.

8. How does your business help you in the fulfillment of your purpose?

Over the last five years I have taken on the role as mentor and author, teaching others how to be self-starters and business management.

9. How can we support your business?

I would like to encourage you to support small businesses abroad, not just ours. In today’s current economy we need this kind of support as many small businesses are failing due to lack of support from the current system.

10. Tell us which product you love the most and why?

I can’t pin point which one I love most, as all of them have been quite lucrative but I’d have to say that my online businesses have been the most profitable and the fastest growing within the last five years.

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