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Welcome to where we hope to offer creative and unique strategies to your small business needs!

Sure! is definitely interested in helping you taking a load off … your mind!  As a matter of fact, the idea for this site was birthed as a means for its founder, TJ Brown to dispense of the many ideas and inspirations that clutter her mind on a daily basis. She answers countless business related questions from small business owners or those with the desire to begin one on a daily basis.  Recognizing this as a gift and talent, she determined to create LetMeThink4U!

You need idea and we have too many… sounds like a perfect match!!


TJ Brown provides guidance to small business owners on various topics such as corporate formation, business plan creation, finance, and marketing strategies.  In addition to a Juris Doctorate, TJ studied advertising and business at the University of Florida.  TJ is a licensed corporate attorney and the founder and CEO of Favored Plus Media LLC, creator of and several other ventures. TJ teaches workshops on entrepreneurship and provides business consulting to small businesses.  TJ can be found on Twitter at @FavoredPlusM

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However, we both recognize that there are some needs that extend far beyond the contents of this website.  For personalized consulting, send an email to