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LetMeThink4U has selected to summarize, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra.  Remember to share your thoughts and suggestions on this book in the comments section!

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

by Deepak Chopra

The Law of Pure PotentialityBook reviews

  • In our essential state, we are pure consciousness
    • Realize the power of Self à No fear, no compulsion to control, and no struggle for approval or external power
      • Ego based power only lasts as long as the objects that propel ego are there.
    • Daily practice of silence, meditation and non judgement
      • Silence- Just BE
        • Commune with nature and take time to appreciate it
      • Meditation- at lest 30 min in AM and PM
        • “Be still and know that I am God.”
      • Non- Judgment
        • “Today I shall judge nothing that occurs”
    • All relationships are a reflection of your relationship with yourself
The Law of Giving
  • You must give and receive in order to keep the things you want circulating in life- Caring, affection, appreciation, and love
    • The intention behind your giving and receiving is most important. The intention should always be to create happiness
  • Wherever you go and whoever you encounter, take a gift with you (card, flower, prayer, compliment)
  • Gratefully receive all the gifts that life has to offer you
The Law of “Karma”
    • Act of conscious choice making
      • For any choice ask:
        • What are the consequences of this choice I am making?
        • Will this choice bring happiness to me and those around me?
      • Listen to your body: comfort vs discomfort
        • What does your heart say? If comfortable plunge ahead. If not, pause and see consequences of action with inner vision.
  • How to handle past Karma
    • Pay your karmic debts
    • Transmute of transform your karma to a more desirable experience
      • What can I learn from this experience? Why is this happening? What can I teach to fellow humans?
    • Transcend it. Become independent of it.
The Law of Least Effort
  • “do less and accomplish more”- Vedic science
  • Actions must be motivated by love
  • Acceptance
    • “Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur”
  • Responsibility
    • Not blaming anyone or anything for your situation: including yourself
  • Defenselessness
    • Relinquish the need to convince or persuade others of your point of view.
  • “The past is history, the future is a mystery, and this moment is a gift; which is why it is called a present.
The Law of Intention and Desire
  • Attention
    • Energizes. What you put attention on will grow stronger in your life
  • Intention transforms. Must be used for the benefit of mankind
    • Intent is desire w/o the attachment
  • Your intent is for the future but your attention is for the present
  • Accept the present and intend the future
  • Follow these steps
    • Slip into the gap. Center yourself in the silence space between thoughts
    • While in that state of being, release your intentions and desires. While in the gap there should be no thought, no intention but as you come out you introduce your intention.
      • If you have a series of goals, write them downand have your intent focused on them before you go into the gap. Release them
    • Remain in state of self- referral. Do not share your desires with others. Don’t look at yourself through eyes of the world or be influenced by criticisms or opinions of others.
    • Relinquish your attachment to the outcome. Live in the wisdom of uncertainty
    • Let the universe handle the details. If things don’t go your way, trust the God has a plan much grander than those you can even conceive
The Law of Detachment
  • In order to acquire anything, you must relinquish your attachment to it
  • Step into the unknown
  • Every single problem in life is the seed of an opportunity for some greater benefit
  • Do not impose my idea of how things should be. Do not force solutions on problems

The Law of “Dharma” or purpose in life

  • Everyone has a reason that they are here and we must find this out ourselves. I have a unique talent that I do better than anyone else in the whole world. I must use these talents to fulfill needs of those in need
  • How can I help? NEVER “What’s in it for me?”
  • Write: If money was no issue and I had all the time and money in the world what would I do? How am I best suited to serve humanity?



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