Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Line Review

Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Line
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As an entrepreneur of several businesses, particularly businesses that don’t always require face to face interaction with customers, it is easy for certain things to take a back seat… like maintaining a beauty regimen. When I’m on a tight deadline, everything suffers- my diet, my sleep pattern, and most noticeable- my hair!

hair collageFor those of us with curlier hair patterns, a regular hair routine can be dreadful. There are products needed to add moisture, to clarify and remove products, to control dandruff, to maintain curls, and the list goes on and on. Well, Head & Shoulders has heard the cry of our hair and developed a new Moisture Care line, specially designed for textured hair. The line contains products that drastically reduce time by combining shampoo/conditioner/dandruff control/ and moisturizer in one product!

The Moisture Care Line includes the following products:

Moisture Care 2-in-1 is formulated with vitamin E-rich almond oil and coconut essence to deliver enriched moisture to your scalp, giving you deeply hydrated, flake-free* hair and scalp. The shampoo + conditioner fights dry scalp, calms itchy scalp**, relieves irritation**, reduces redness**, controls flaky scalp** and leaves hair looking beautiful and smelling great.

Moisture Care Co-Wash complements your hair and scalp routine to fight flakes* and leave hair moisturized and manageable. This cleansing conditioner contains vitamin E-rich almond oil and coconut essence to revitalize your hair while fighting dry scalp, calming itchy scalp**, relieving irritation**, reducing redness**, controlling flaky scalp and leaving your hair looking and smelling wonderful.

Moisture Care Scalp Soother has a non-greasy formula with peppermint oil and vitamin E that’s exactly what you need to provide cooling relief and improve moisture balance in between washes. Use it for instant scalp soothing on wet or dry hair.

Moisture Care Shampoo leaves your hair and scalp deeply hydrated and flake free* with a vitamin E-rich almond oil and coconut essence formula that delivers enriched moisture for your scalp.

Head & Shoulders provided several samples of their products for us to try and we definitely all agreed that 1. the products smelled great and 2. helped to cut down on the wash, conditioning and moisturize process. After a few uses, the favorite of the line is definitely the Scalp Soother! The Scalp Soother has a very thin consistency, but is not sticky and doesn’t weigh the hair down. We also liked the fact that the peppermint oil did not burn like menthol. It was very gentle, yet soothing to the scalp!

Have you tried the Moisture Care line yet? What is your hair pet peeve?


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