#SmallBizSunday Spotlight- Marquis Rashoid LLC

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Marquis Rashoid LLC is our chosen business for this week’s Small Biz Sunday spotlight!

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1. Business name.

Marquis Rashoid LLC

2. Tell me about your business.

Marquis Rashoid LLC is an exclusive handmade bow tie and pocket square company. We provide high fashion with a higher purpose.  A portion of all

proceeds on Marquis Rashoid products benefits Crohn’s disease and breast cancer research.

3. What inspired you to start your business?

Since my years as an undergraduate at Florida State University, I always knew I wanted to have my own business. My original idea was to design t-shirts to sell during football games, homecomings, etc. I even ordered white t-shirts to start. However, I never initiated the process. Having my independency and not been confined to a 9-5 schedule (although business owners work more than that) inspired me to start my own business. Majoring in fashion merchandising and my love for bow ties lead to the formation of Marquis Rashoid LLC.

4. How did you get your business started?

After relocating to NYC in 2013 due to my wife’s promotion I began sewing classes in February 2014. After a temporary holiday position with Macy’s and countless interviews after that, I decided to pursue my dream while waiting for an employer to hire me. Research on different business entities, long nights and early mornings perfecting the bow tie making process lead to the launching of www.marquisrashoid.com on May 1, 2014.

Customade silk ties from Marquis Rashoid LLC.

5. Did you leave a job to start your business?

 Yes I did in September 2013. My business was started on May 1, 2014.

6. If yes, how did you manage financially? If no, how do you manage both?

 After graduating from Florida State University in 2005, I spent seven years in retail management. However, that wasn’t my passion. My wife received a promotion to New York City in 2013. As a result, I quit my job not transferring to NYC with the company so I can pursue my dream. She has been a tremendous supporter as we are both living our dreams and supportive of each other.

7. What is the most surprising thing you have learned so far about entrepreneurship?

The most surprising thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur are the amount of items you can write off  on taxes when it comes to business operations, such as portion of rent and phone services. Also, the amount of taxes you have to pay. Even though the taxes are crazy it’s worth the independency of entrepreneurship.

8. What are your top 3 business necessities?

Macbook Pro, iPhone , Sewing Machine

9. How does your business help you in the fulfillment of your purpose?

After been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2009 and losing my aunt to breast cancer in 2013, I wanted a way to contribute to these causes. As a constant wearer of bow ties, I wanted to learn how to make myself. In doing so, I would be able to donate a portion of proceeds to the two causes – breast cancer and Crohn’s disease. As a matter of fact May is Crohn’s and Colitis awareness month and I’ve designed some purple ribbon bow ties. A portion of proceeds will be donated.

10. How can we support your business?

Please visit my website at www.marquisrashoid.com. We also do special orders for weddings and any other special occasions. For inquiries email marquisrashoid@gmail.com.

Customized, hand- made bow tie and pocket square by Marquis Rashoid LLC.
Customized, hand- made bow tie and pocket square by Marquis Rashoid LLC.

Facebook: Marquis Rashoid LLC
Instagram: Marquis Rashoid
Twitter: MRashoid

11. Tell us what product/service you offer that is your favorite and why?

Marquis Rashoid offers exclusive handmade bow ties and pocket squares. High fashion with a higher purpose! My products are trendsetting for distinguished individuals. Therefore, all products are my favorite.

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